WPI CTF: Suckmore Shell 2.0

Apr 18, 2020 • One minute to read

Challenge Description

After its abysmal performance at WPICTF 2019, suckmore shell v1 has been replaced with a more secure, innovative and performant version, aptly named suckmore shell V2.

ssh smsh@smsh.wpictf.xyz pass: suckmore>suckless

made by: acurless

Poking Around

First off, SSH login.

ssh smsh@smsh.wpictf.xyz

Give the password when asked.


A prompt, hmmmm. Doesn’t look a normal shell, but it’s a shell. Okay, let’s see what we have now.

ls -la


Whaaaaaaaat? We have found the flag already!? Easy 200 points!

cat flag


Strange. The shell was hanging after I entered the command.

That’s fine. Let’s try other ways to read the file.

other commands

Not even string or grep. When I tried less flag it even messed the console up, and I had to fire up a new terminal tab. I was wrong. It’s not easy 200 points.

I finally got lucky with base64 command.

base64 flag


Seems it managed to read and encode that file. Let’s copy the encoded text and decode it on our own machine.

echo -n "ZWNobyAiV1BJe1NVY2ttb3JlU29mdHdhcmVOMzNkejJHM1RpdFRvZ2VUSEVSfSIK" | base64 -d


Curious. It’s a shell command in that file. Anyway, we’ve retrieved the flag.


Wonderland - TryHackMe

WPI CTF: John Cena 🎺🎺🎺🎺

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